who we are

Dance photo of concorDance contemporary photo by Grace BoyleconcorDance contemporary (cDc) is a professional dance company, and a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, a division of Studio for the Performing Arts (SFTPA). As a new dance company, we are pioneering to build a community and an audience for dance. Our mission is to create a closer relationship between you, the audience, and us, the artists.

Generally, dance is viewed as just a form of entertainment, but it is so much more. It is a voice to communicate, a vehicle for exploration of the world and ourselves, a tool for research, a form of expression, a bridge to education, and a really great way to play. All over the world, in cities, villages and tribes, dance is used as a medium to build connection and unity and a proud form of cultural expression.

concorDance contemporary photo by Grace BoyleCreating work that involves a vast range of subject matter, from psychogeography, to religion, to our stories from our personal journeys through life, we hope to build a personal connection to dance for each audience member that resonates long after the performance has ended. Through collaborations with other artists in the community, we hope to offer you a new perspective and fling wide open the doors to the endless possibilities that dance can offer.