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August 20th-24th 2014

cDc Locomotive for video

Wednesday August 20th at 8pm at The Court Square Theatre • 41 Court Square Harrisonburg, VA

Friday August 22nd at 8pm at The Haven •  112 Market St Charlottesville, VA

Saturday August 23rd at 7pm at Albemarle Ballet Theatre’s White Box Theatre •  5798 Three Notch’d Rd Crozet, VA

Sunday August 24th at 4pm at Pollak Vineyards •330 Newtown Rd, Greenwood, VA


We officially start our third year as a company with Communitas, a meritage of sensual, jet-fueled contemporary dance. This production features nine dancers, three choreographers, and one violinist. The artists are all highly accomplished professionals who have worked with distinguished names including American Ballet Theatre, Alonzo Kings Lines, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Oded Kishony, and San Diego Ballet.

Ryan Beck, founder of The Garage Contemporary Ballet in San Diego, returns with a premier of Catalyst Forum, a piece about confrontation, solace and the violation of social norms. Beck restages Serpientes de fuego, a sensual meritage of Latin movement and ballet. 

Jerusha de Waal showcases her edgy and percussive Mode. This highly athletic modern piece set to composer Eric Price’s original score brings fresh, jet-fueled energy that adds another style to cDc’s repertoire.

Veronica Hart’s collaborativeArt as a bucketisbased on the dancers’ individual interpretations of Mark Rothko’s “Untitled 1955.” Benjamin Sanford accompanies the dancers with Biber’sPassacaglia for solo violin.

Hart also premieres …and it was good. A colorful tapestry of African inspired movement set to music by the iconic Bobby McFerrin. The air of whimsy in this solo breathes life into the story of Eve in the Bible’s book of Genesis.

The Artists: Ryan Beck, Jake Catlett, Ashley Geisler, Dinah Gray, Veronica Hart, Faith Levine, Benjamin Sanford, Mary Catherine Saunders, Lauren Thomas, Jerusha de Waal

The title of the show, Communitas, is a Latin word repurposed by anthropologist Edith Turner, a Charlottesville local. “It means the very spirit of community. Communitas takes community to the next level and allows the whole to share a common experience. This brings everyone onto an equal level: if you are in a higher position, you have been lower and know what that is.”



"Tripping the Light Fantastic" September 13 to 15, 2013 dance concertCome trip the light fantastic with concorDance contemporary (cDc) in their evocative, fiery dance concert. Three shows will be presented September 13th and 14th at Albemarle Ballet Theatre’s white box theater in downtown Crozet, VA and one show at the Haven in Charlottesville on September 15th at 2pm.

For this production, I just wanted to play and have fun making dances. In search of a way to describe our experience, I stumbled upon John Milton’s poem L’Allegro that romanticizes the mirth and merriment of movement. – Veronica Hart, founder director.

Seized by the Perfect by Audrey Fenske, set to the music of Ysaye and Bach, portrays the never-ending pursuit of perfection in art.

Landscape #6: steal only time by Katie Baer Schetlick’s, places performers and audience members in the space between yearning and reflecting. Score by local percussionist, Sam Cushman.

Shamone by Veronica Hart captures Tripping the Light Fantastic in the sheer joy of movement. You’ll see throwbacks from Michael Jackson, Austin Powers, and Fosse with hints of the Muppets.

A Million Little Pieces, created and performed by Veronica, is a retrospect of her love affair with dance.

Elevator Theory by Veronica Hart and Edwin Roa, is that brief fantasy one might have on a short ride between floors.  It is a magical fusion of Edwin’s partnered dancing and Veronica’s contemporary and ballet backgrounds.

The Artists:  Sam Cushman, Audrey Fenske, Kirsten Glaser, Veronica Hart, Danielle LeCompte, Alanna Mahon, and Edwin Roa, founder and director of Zabor Dance.

concorDance contemporary dancers playing in downtown Charlottesville. Photo by Sarah Cohn


concorDance contemporary & The Movement Party Presents:


A Dance Score for the Downtown Mall

A Dance Score for the Downtown Mall: re/de/unfamiliarize a Charlottesville icon

Sunday April 14th at 12:00 and 2:30PM

Cost: FREE

Starting Location: The Water Street Entrance of the Transit Center
Co-created by: Veronica Hart and Katie Schetlick
Dancers: Veronica Hart, Alanna Mahon, Katie Schetlick
Musicians: Sam Cushman, Drums. Members of The Shadow Delay, Ensemble

The idea for the performance was inspired by the work of Lawrence and Anna Halprin. Lawrence Halprin was an influential American landscape architect, designer, and teacher, and designed the Downtown Mall. His wife, highly accomplished and influential dancer, Anna Halprin, was a long time collaborator. Together they explored the intersection of choreography and the use of public space.

Halprin’s work is marked by his attention to human scale and experience and the social impact of design. Anna Halprin, similarly, took an interest in human form and interaction and helped shape the art of post modern dance. Many of her works were based on the use of scores, a set of instructions that tells performers what to do, but provides space for decisions to be made about how. When designing the Downtown Mall, Lawrence Halprin constructed scores to bring Charlottesvile community members together in exploration of the city’s public spaces. Our score was developed as a reflection/homage to the Halprin’s and to the Downtown Mall, our central space in Charlottesville.

One of the key ways we are demonstrating this is by using a score. The score will be available for audience members at the Water Street entrance of the Transit Center, on the Tom Tom Founders Festival website, and written on the Freedom of Speech chalk walk at the east end of the Downtown Mall.

This piece is a progression that moves from the East to West ends of the Downtown Mall. You will journey with the dancers during the piece, so wear comfortable shoes!

The performance culminates in a special Tom Talks at 4pm at The Haven on Market Street with Katie Schetlick, co-director of the Fleet Moves Festival. Her talk, “Experiencing Place: Dance as a tool for deeper understanding” discusses the process of re-imagining places through dance and performance.


Alex & Kirsten Black+White Web

Friday November 16th at 8pm
The Haven • 112 West Market Street in Charlottesville
Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm
Albemarle Theatre • 5798 Three Notched Rd, Downtown Crozet

concorDance contemporary (cDc) presents black+white, a syncopated contrast of edgy and vulnerable, minimalistic and soulful contemporary dance this November. cDc will perform at The Haven in Charlottesville and at the new Albemarle Theatre in Downtown Crozet where they are based. cDc is a professional dance company founded by director Veronica Hart. cDc is a division of Studio For The Performing Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

“Homegrown talent ala New York quality! Veronica Hart is an outstanding choreographer and dancer. She combines movement and soul like the best of them.” Linda Kuchera-Gage Formerly, American Ballet Theater and The Hamburg Ballet Company

Sometimes we view life in gray scales and other times in black and white. These metaphors inspired concorDance contemporary’s motif for the black+white series that premieres several new pieces.

Flocking patterns and mannerisms of birds inspired Veronica Hart’s Avian Concerto. 3 dancers gracefully fly to J.S. Bach’s 1st Violin Concerto in A Minor. Veronica conceptualized a high-fashion runway model look. By hand tearing raw silk and combining it with feathers, she made couture costumes with long tails that have an edgy, birdlike, and feminine flow.

Third Floor is a fast-paced, energetic solo about finding the strength to survive and thrive in isolation that choreographer Elisa Alexander performs with acrobatic verve.

Song II reflects the ennui of repeating the same action and expecting different results. The contrast of a vibrant cello solo to the circular repetition of the song accentuates choreographer Elisa Alexander’s message.

Salt and Light is set to a medley of soulful gospel by Ben Harper, Jonny Lang, and Mavis Staples. Veronica’s choreography draws from West African, Haitian, and Brazilian dance with movement inspired by Alvin Ailey’s long extensions in a limber athleticism. Like Ailey, Ms. Hart is moved by spirit and intent on engaging her audience both emotionally and physically.

Professional dancers Elisa Alexander, Kirsten Glaser, Veronica Hart, and Alexandra Keen perform as diversely as the choreography and music. Two of the dancers have been commuting from Connecticut and Annapolis Maryland for rehearsals and performances.

Entertaining the audience is cDc’s ultimate goal. “Positive audience feedback led me to explore an even greater diversity of movement, music, and style. Meeting our mission to create a closer relationship between the audience and the artist with new and different dance experiences is an exciting challenge for us that we believe this show meets.” –Veronica Hart

Premiere Series

concorDance contemporary's “Premiere Dance Series” features a rich, sensual, textural, whirlwind of original dance pieces performed by five professional dancers. Ryan Beck’s Conversations on Olympus, an ensemble piece, is accompanied by the music of Sigur Ros overlaid with dialogue. Veronica Hart’s Dream Suite is inspired by a selection of poems by Langston Hughes. Elisa Alexander and Ty Cooper will be presenting exciting new dance pieces. The show is approximately 45 minutes. concorDance contemporary is a new contemporary ballet company based out of Albemarle Ballet Theatre’s Crozet studio. “We want to give you the feeling of childlike freedom that makes anything and everything possible.” Veronica Hart, Director. Dates Times & Locations Albemarle Ballet Theatre Studio Thursday August 9th at 7pm Ticket Prices: $10 Adults, $8 Children, Students, & Seniors Click here to purchase tickets online Dickinson Black Box Theater Friday, August 10th, 7pm & 8pm Ticket Prices: $15 Adults, $10 Children, Students, & Seniors Click here to purchase tickets online Tickets online at Also available at Albemarle Ballet Theater 434-823-8888